Robin Dugall was born in Detroit, Michigan.  After moving to Southern California as a teenager, Robin attended California Lutheran College graduating with a degree in Biblical Studies.  He graduated with honors from Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary in 1980.  In 2009, Robin earned his doctoral degree in Ministry and Christian Leadership Development/Spiritual Formation through Haggard School of Theology in Azusa, California.  Robin has over 40 years of professional ministry experience as a pastor, musician, teacher, professor, camping and student ministry leader. Currently, in addition to being an Adjunct Professor in Biblical Studies @ Azusa Pacific University, he is a pastor of a faith community, Adjunct Professor at Concordia University (Portland, OR) and an instructor/mentor of the Missional Training Team for the Lutheran denomination.  He has been the pastor of four Lutheran congregations (San Jose, Denver, Monroe (WA), Salt Lake City and Orange County). He is also the author of Worship Experiences (Gospel Light/Regal), a contributing author in the book, The Gospel according to Superheroes (Lang, 2005), as well as a frequent contributor to blogs and websites that contribute to the conversation regarding biblical studies, cultural analysis, missional ministry in the 21st century, as well as ministry to families and children/students. Robin enjoys music, guitar playing and recording, skiing, camping, reading, hanging with his wife, Vicky and roller hockey. He has a voracious appetite to learn and grow as a Christ-follower.

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