Interesting Article on Bible Translations…every one of them has a bias

Constantine-And-The-BibleRead this article if you are a “fan” or student of the Bible.  Dr. McKnight rightly states that there is ALWAYS a translation bias.  In fact, I was reading an article last week about one translation “board” that is made up of all men…that on the surface may not seem like a problem but it does “color” translation issues because of inherent male perspectives that are undeniable when reading/working the text.  People in churches and students of mine in University’s inevitably ask me, “what’s the BEST translation?”  Truthfully, the best translation is a conglomeration of many versions of the Bible.  In other words, the most faithful way of approaching the text is to use as many versions as possible.  Like I said, everyone has a specific “take” on the original languages.  Just like you would have a FULLER picture of an incident with multiple witnesses so it is true that when reading the Bible for study divergent translations will serve you best!  So, here’s Scot’s article – like I said, if you are a student of the Bible, this will be “fun” reading for you!

Translation based upon “Tribe”

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