Why we need people…not only in family, life’s journey, friendship…but in “church”


Check that link out above!  Karl Vaters is a fellow clergy guy…he writes not only a blog but a regular column for Christianity Today.  He is a “champion” for “small church” in an age that “worships” the large gatherings of mega-institutionalism.  The article is worth the read but the HEART of it is here:

“I don’t go to church to worship Jesus. I go to church to worship Jesus with other people. Because I need to worship Jesus in the company of others. We all do.

I need to worship Jesus along with…

  • People I know
  • People I don’t know
  • People who know me
  • People I share life with
  • People I share common beliefs with
  • People I disagree with
  • People who love me anyway
  • People I have to love anyway”

I couldn’t agree more!