Are you one of Jesus’ Talmidim?

3Robin’s Note – this past Sunday in our faith communities in Long Valley Idaho, I taught on first-century discipleship.  If you think that may sound “interesting” but irrelevant, you are in good company.  I know when I first started doing research on this topic about a decade ago (for my doctoral dissertation), I felt like I was in for some intellectual punishment.  Yet, was I surprised.  
There are TWO THINGS that I call to your attention:
First – a quick summary of this topic:

Jesus is looking for Talmidim…Jesus is calling disciples in which joining Jesus on his mission is their consuming passion.  Jesus is looking for disciples who long to be with the rabbi and live by the rabbi’s teaching (see, “the yoke of the Rabbi” in the article).  Your Rabbi Jesus believes you can be Just like Him – remember when Jesus said, “you didn’t choose me, I chose you.”  That is still true!

Our Rabbi says we can do greater works than HE.


Our Rabbi wants us to perpetuate “His yoke” (again, see the downloadable article).

Our issue in our time is that we’ve reduced discipleship to knowledge – 6 steps, how to’s, and simple methodologies.

Well, the shock of my life came several years ago when I discovered that discipleship was a life-long journey of learning and growing in the Spirit of Jesus.  It was at that time that I made a fervent decision that I had to change.  I would never stop teaching and sharing the good news of Jesus but I would I apologize for not giving sharing the full truth of what it means to be a Jesus follower.


Secondly, I would challenge you to roll up your intellectual “sleeves” and spent a bit of time reading about discipleship from Jesus’ perspective.  Then join me in praying that all of us would join the Talmidim of Jesus, our Rabbi.  Galilee – a place of the majority of the ministry of Jesus.  Our Rabbi invites disciples to follow Him..disciples follow their Rabbi so close that they are to be covered in (important phrase) the dust of their rabbi.  The question is always – not only WHO you are following but what is Jesus calling you into?


Read more, pray and discover more!

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