From St. John of the Cross…and a reflection on the “true” self that God is attempting to shape in you…

1St. John of the Cross:

“…God has to work in the soul in secret and in darkness because if we fully knew what was happening, and what Mystery, transformation, God and Grace will eventually ask of us, we would either try to take charge (a move of the false self) or stop the whole process (a move of fear and stuckness).”

The exploration of the dichotomy between the “false self” and “true self” is one journey you need to take.

“There is a truth that lives within us that will be with us forever” (2 John 2). But most of us know little about this, so we end up as St. Augustine admits in his Confessions: “Late have I loved you, Beauty so very ancient and so ever new. Late have I loved you! You were within but I was without!”

One of my spiritual mentors remarked, “When the True Self becomes clearer to you…you will have found an absolute reference point that is both utterly within you and utterly beyond you at the very same time.”

I promise you that the discovery of your True Self will feel like a thousand pounds of weight has fallen from your back. You will no longer have to build, protect, or promote any idealized self-images.

Here is a link to a document that I wrote not too long ago that spells out the distinction between what and who you are and what the Spirit is attempting to do in your life.  The Lord is seeking to transform you…these reflections could give you some categories or paradigms from which to view what the Spirit does best.


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