I’ll be at Best Practices again this year! Drop in, say “hi,” join me in conversation about ministry in the 21st century…


Yep, good news for me…I’m back at Best Practices in Phoenix again this year.  Follow the highlighted text if you would like to discover more about this great event.  I’ll be teaching, better said “facilitating,” three conversations during the conference:

1 – Languaging the Faith – in other words, how do Jesus followers get a “place at the table” in cultural conversation?  Our privileged past is no more…people generally speaking don’t talk “church” or faith…is there a possibility of joining the cultural conversation?  Friday @ 10:30am in the Nursery.

2 – Worldview – everyone has a worldview…for the Christ follower it is seen best by our actions than our words.  What does a Christian, biblical theistic worldview look like?  What does it or should it influence?  Thursday @ 3pm in the Nursery!

3 – Change Dynamics and Organic Systems – probably the most attended seminar that I do when I’m at Best Practices…this conversation is critical for those who are attempting to change or transition any “group” of people…especially churches and congregations.  Friday @ 8:30am in the Nursery.


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