Sola Fide? Faith Alone…not Certainty Alone

a79d9-6a00d83451607369e20115704c43cd970c-piJesus followers, be okay with questions and ambiguities.

Faith isn’t about certainty…it is about having the center of your life firmly grounded in Jesus.  Just deal with stuff…focus your life in Christ, and be calm about the rest.  You see, the thing is, certainty-seeking faith, I have to admit, is tidy…that type of faith likes everything clean and obvious and tidy.  But Biblical faith never is. Read the Bible. It’s messy and it deals with a lot of ambiguity.

God is okay with questions, folks, He’s okay with doubts.  He’s not like some theology professor who is just trying to cram you full of all the right answers to all your theological questions.

God isn’t going to grade you based on how many you get right and “punish or reward” you accordingly.  No, one of my fav authors, Greg Boyd said, “He’s a heavenly bridegroom who will do and has done everything He could possibly do, to enter into a loving relationship with you and me, and He doesn’t mind doubts, and He doesn’t mind questions, He just wants our hearts.”


That’s what faith is all about –we don’t have to have all the answers because we’ve got the reason to be confident – Jesus.  If we’ve got him, we’ve got life. We don’t need to be getting life from certainty.

A long time ago, I dropped my need to be right…I dropped the desire to be argumentative or to prove to people that I could debate anyone who interested in the Bible, faith or belief into a corner.  I decided and regularly proclaim that I could be and can be wrong.  I could be wrong about so much.  But you see, I don’t need to defensive, or to get angry…if I’m proven wrong, or if someone challenges me, I have admitted to myself and to the Lord, it’s not me that needs to be the focus…it is Jesus.  And he can stand up for himself.  All I need to do is be gracious…and trust not in my abilities to convince others of certainties but to show them the love of Jesus.

I’m just going to continue to get life from Jesus and be okay with the questions and ambiguities.  Remember, Sola Fide (faith alone) is trust in Jesus, not certainty.  You can believe all the right things in the world about Jesus, but until you’re embracing Jesus…until you pledge to be committed to him and to trust him, you don’t really understand faith.  Faith is not about what’s going on between your ears, but rather what you’re doing with your life.  The very definition of faith presupposes uncertainty…faith that seeks certainty…is not a strong faith, but rather a lack of faith.  Faith is acting in the face of uncertainty.  Faith is about us taking a step to live Jesus.  Yes, I’ve got good reasons for believing what I do…but certainty? Nah, I don’t have certainty.  But I have Jesus.  Enough said!


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