The Bible Project – I’m one of their RAVING FANS!

10302183_300x300I’m loving The Bible Project!  These guys are nailing it in terms of giving people a great overview of the Biblical Story.  Check out their YOUTUBE channel … it is worth your time.  In addition, their website provides extra resources and stuff that could help you in personal or corporate Bible study.  I haven’t met these guys yet…but my prayer is that that opportunity comes soon.  All I know is that I’m one of their RAVING FANS!

Below are some excellent videos on the Gospel of Luke – as some of you know, I’m a Biblical Studies Online Professor at Azusa Pacific University…one of my courses is the Gospel of Luke.  I am always in the process of studying this marvelous gospel story.  If you are curious, here’s a good place to start with the Bible Project’s videos.  Give them a peek!

Luke Part 1 –

Luke Part 2 –

Luke Chapters 1 and 2 –

Luke Chapters 3-9 –



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