6 thoughts on “Wisdom of Wolves!

  1. Hi Dr. Dugall,
    I am interested to hear why (and how) you think wolf leadership behaviour can be used Christianly to inform human leadership behaviour. Thanks, Dan


    • good question Dan – primarily the issue with wolf behavior is the importance of the pack. Much of Christendom was taught to be too dependent upon clerics and heirarchies instead of looking to the miraculous nature of the organic system that is the “Body of Christ.” Much of institutional Christianity’s problem in the 21st century in the West has to do with the fact that lay people were never taught that they were critical to the life of the “pack.” So as trust in clerics has waned so has the effectiveness of the institution.


      • I appreciate your reply. I’m considering using your wolf pack analogy, as well as your response to my question(s), in a sermon this Sunday. Is there anything at all you’d like to add to the topic? I leave your name out if you’d prefer, and just use the general theme. Thanks.


  2. Yeah, this wasn’t my original idea. My son shared it with me. But yes, as long as you stick with the fact that the church is an organic system that is meant to be experienced in community (faith in the bible is never individualistic but always shared in relationship…for God created us as relational beings), you will be in good shape! Leave me a link when you can…I’d love to hear what you say!


    • Ok. Just to be clear, you did share this on your blog, so I assume you indorsed the idea (at least at some point) that this particular wolf pack behaviour observation is pertinent to human leadership – Christian leadership in particular. If you’re not endorsing this idea, I’d appreciate a quick reply. Thanks very much.


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