Grace, Sweet Grace!

1Grace – God’s Undeserved, Unmerited, Unearned love and acceptance of you…

1. It’s the ring on your finger, robe on your back, kill the fatted calf and let’s have a party kind of love

2. It’s God’s love despite the fact that you have a ball and bat in your hands and a broken window to point to which is the result of your actions and past

3. It is God saying, “I love you” – no more guilt, no more shame, no more fear, no more hiding

4. It is PEACE when you are caught up in the pit of despair and anxiety

5. It is LIFE when you are in the clutches of death

6. It is a SMILE in a world filled with frowns

7. It is a HUG in a life more interested in doing you harm than give you love

8. It’s ASSURANCE when all you feel is that you’re grasping for a lifeline

9. It is a TOUH OF LOVE in the midst of a world that is much more apt to give you a smack of rejection

10. It is ACCEPTANCE when you are unacceptable

11. It is FORGIVENESS when you are unforgivable

12. It is HOPE when you are hopeless

13. It is STRENGTH when you can’t stand

14. It is HEALING when you are broken to pieces

15. It is RESPECT when you are feeling like you have not a shred of self-respect

16. It is NO CONDEMNATION when all you are feeling is condemned

17. It is FREEDOM when you are caught in the vice of judgment

18. It is JOY when you are burdened with sadness

19. It is MORNING when you’re always living in the dark

20. It is RESURRECTION when you feel pinned to a cross of death

21. It is LIGHTNESS in the weight of difficulty

Grace…when you are standing over your life looking at the stuff that gone on in you…when you are shamed by the wreckage you’ve caused…lies you’ve told for self-preservation…or opportunities you missed because you were so self-involved…when in moments that only quiet and solitude can surface within you…when your junk catches up to you like all junk does sooner than later and you get stuck in guilt…it is time to embrace GRACE!

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