As I said on Twitter, this guy is right!

58d93-6a00d83451607369e201347ffa45fd970c-piNY Post review of La La Land

I watch La la land the other day with a good buddy and my dear wife Vicky.  Yes, there were some enjoyable places in the film.  I enjoyed the music…dancing was so-so and characters were interesting.  The problem for me is that it garnered SO many Academy Award nominations.  I wouldn’t even put it in the top films of the year.  Now, I’m not a big movie reviewer…but what I am is a cultural student.  Hollywood loves to obsess on itself.  When there are movies with REAL meaning, with deep moral and spiritual messages, and life-changing and, actually, history making events, this movie is shallow at best in comparison.  And 14 Nominations?  That is a travesty.  BUT it is an indicator of narcissism that is what Hollywood has primarily loved to embrace.  SEE ANY of the other movies…all of the remaining best pic nominees have so much more to offer you.  Yeah, rent La La Land.  In fact, the title alone demonstrates its triviality.  Ok, so I’m a bit harsh…

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