The End of Language as we know it? Interesting and Provocative article

1Here’s an interesting article for you to read – LINK

Or the old fashioned way –

Paul’s thesis is very interesting…his observations may not necessarily shock you but this one thing is true – language is changing and “standards” of communication seem to exist no more.  I remember when I was marked down on papers I wrote for using “too much slang.”  Now, I have to be careful (as a college professor) not to offend someone when they utilize “street” language because that language may be “racialized.”  Not only that but NO ONE can debate the impact of the demise of cursive writing, e-books, keyboarding skills and cell phone usage and it’s impact on communication (especially as Paul discusses, the impending demise of bookstores).  Anyway, I think you will like the article.  Comment if you want…I’d love to see what you think!

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