Discipleship Training Materials ONLINE!

Self-Guided Discipleship Training – Robin has released PERSONAL, Self-guided studies on Being and Growing as a Disciple of Jesus.  These online resources are specifically targeted toward encouraging those in our community who desire to be and live more and more like Jesus. In other words, “how does a person love God, love others and live for Jesus?” What does it mean to live “Up, Out, and In?” These studies will guide you in answering those questions and applying that truth to your life!

Click on the following links to work through the studies:


Session One – How we Live as Followers of Jesus

Session Two – “Remember, who you are!”

Session Three – “Do you know THE Story?”

Session Four – “How do we define ‘Church’?”

Session Five – “Extra Studies for you to download”

C.A.L.L. #1 – Learning

C.A.L.L. #2 – Living

C.A.L.L. #3 – Action

Visions and Values of Community

Session Six – “Dimensions of Discipleship”


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