Hacksaw Ridge – I don’t know exactly what to say…

hacksaw-384x222I don’t know exactly what to write this morning.  Hacksaw Ridge is a beautiful and gruesome movie…full of love and death; tenderness and brutality; laughter and agony.  I don’t think I’ve EVER seen a more graphic war movie…but one that I’d see again for reasons that still confound me.  The movie was deeply spiritual.  The faithfulness of Private Doss and his unapologetic commitment to Jesus and saving lives humbly and persistently was truly astonishing to behold.  It was an exhausting movie because of the fact that it takes the viewer through a plethora of emotions…one moment you are smiling with delight, the next you are horrified and frightened.  I sat back and relaxed for 1/2 of the movie…but the last 1/2, I was on, literally, the edge of my seat.  I was tense, scared, often looking away at the absolute horror of war.  To be able to realize that this was as close to the reality of what occurred in the Pacific Theater of WW2 made the film that more impactful.  I don’t know how anyone could fathom what these men experienced…and how one young man, scrawny but faithful, doggedly determined but still a fragile human being was not only a hero but as much of a “Jesus figure” as you will see in a movie…it still takes my breath away to think about it.  I really can’t say with good conscience that you should see this movie.  That is not a patronizing statement as if I was more mature than you.  I sat next to my friend Larry during the film.  Larry is a Marine (once a Marine, always a Marine)…he was in Vietnam.  I saw Larry, despite his own experience in war, go through many of the same reactions and emotions as I.  He, in fact, wept often during the film…for he knew…he knew.  I was absolutely taken aback by the deep, spiritual nature of the film.  From frequent, full frame shots of a small pocket bible, to the protagonists overwhelming commitment to his faith despite persecution and walking the valley of death…it was truly amazing.  Very moving indeed.  I haven’t fully processed this film emotionally…I’m still working it through.  But for now, that’s my take for you.  DO NOT take a sensitive hearted person to this movie.  I read this week in an article on brain trauma that anyone “seeing” violence walks the fine line of experiencing some level of PTSD.  Rest assured, if you are a sensitive hearted person, read the story.  That will suffice!  Otherwise, this isn’t an action film or a super hero movie.  This isn’t fantasy or “entertainment,” per se.  This is war…and you’ll see it unmasked in all its horror but you will witness a man of God serving Kingdom purposes in the midst of, what many would call, the pit of hell.  That’s it for now…

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