Carl Medearis gets this right…awesome!

1Carl Medearis is one of my fav people in the world.  Never met him but have watched his videos and read his books…they have all been uplifting, challenging and informative.  On his blog today he featured a conversation he had with Dr. Ken Bailey before Ken died earlier this year.  You can read about Dr. Bailey HERE (New Testament Scholar).  I found this blog post encouraging today – I think you will too!

“…I asked one last question. I think I surprised him with this one. I simply said “Dr. Bailey, what do you think is the key to everything? Success? Purpose? Everything? What’s the key?”

Shockingly, he said “Oh that’s easy, it’s to experience God’s love.”

What? He’d been so careful to answer all my other questions and yet this one, the biggest of all, the answer burst out of him, almost without a thought. As if he knew. He went on….

“You see, to experience God’s love, and note that I said ‘experience’ his love, means to be secure. When you’re secure you make wise decisions. If you have not experienced, his love, then you’re insecure. And when you’re insecure, you make bad decisions. That’s the key to everything.”

Oh my. And of course, he’s right. It is the key to everything. This eminent Jesus-Scholar just spoke the most profound words I’ve heard in a long time. And of course, that’s what Jesus does – he shows us God’s love. He demonstrates God’s love. He is God’s love manifest.

If we want to know what God is like (and God is love), we look at Jesus. When we experience Jesus, we experience God’s love. Jesus is the exact representation of God. Jesus demonstrated his love for us by coming to earth and humbly living among us. By teaching and showing us a better way to live. By dying for us. By rising again and constantly interceding for us.  And ultimately, by spending the rest of his life with us. Amazing love.

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