Worldview Course I’m teaching in cooperation with our friends at Cascade Church in Monroe! We Continue TOOOOOOOONIGHT!

b6ba0-6a00d83451607369e201539234b6cf970b-piIn a unique and exciting partnership, I’m teaching a course for Adults this summer (continuing TONIGHT, Monday July 25th@ 6:30pm) on the subject of Worldview.  Cascade Church and Peace in Monroe are sharing time together for the sake of promoting individual growth, spiritual unity, and community cooperation in our town.  John Reynolds (Senior Associate Pastor at Cascade), Nat Hettinga (Senior Pastor and Leader at Cascade) and I are really excited about this step of fellowship and sharing of ministry together.  If you live in Monroe, consider yourself URGED and invited to attend!  In addition to INFORMATION there will be TONS of time for CONVERSATION!

Below are the FIRST session’s class materials…check them out!

Dugall_ltr.fw 2

Session One Class Handout 

Session Two Class Handout

Everyone has a Worldview.  A Worldview is a “lens” through which we live, interpret reality, and make decisions.  It is our belief as Jesus followers that that Worldview is consistent, biblical, honoring of Jesus, cohesive with the Body of Christ as well as something that can be articulated and lived out in conversation and relationships.  In this class, we will give an overview of Bible narrative theme and issues. The Bible’s major themes will be integrated with an understanding of a Christian Worldview in and through issues such as cosmology (our understanding of God’s created order, the human predicament of brokenness and sin, as well as a thorough comprehension of redemption/renewal which are foundations for understanding how Jesus calls us to live, how to interpret current global issues, and an understanding of diverse worldviews.

Tonight’s Topics:

  • Understanding Biblical Theism, Theism and Non-Theism Worldview
  • Understanding Post-Christendom
  • Knowing the BIG STORY of the Bible!


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