More insanity in the USA

c9c11-6a00d83451607369e2012875675115970c-piOk – it was a tragedy.  First question on all of our minds is, “why did the parents let their kid climb the fence in the first place?  Where were they?” Anyway, that’s all water under the bridge.  The “accident” did happen.  There had to be a decision made…the zoo acted and now is taking the heat.  Zoos need to maintain a safe environment.  Even so, parents need to maintain the behavior of their children.  Besides all that, insanity has broken loose in the USA.  It really is amazingly pathetic…even so, it is extremely insightful on how our view of life has shifted.

Walt Mueller, cultural guru from the Center for Parent and Youth Understanding, responded with his usual clarity.  Take a peek at what Walt shares below!


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