More Updates from Colorado…Abby is close to getting released from the HOSPITAL (but will be going to a close-by apartment for 100+ days)

Chimera_Apulia_Louvre_K362Woa, yes as you will read in Mark’s blog post from the blog, we are getting close to getting Abby “sprung” from the hospital.  You can read the FULLER story below.  I’m posting a picture of the Greek mythological creature Chimaera because that is the next “beast” we have to battle in prayer.  The Bible warns about double-speak, double-minded, and double-action (what we would know as hypocrisy).  You see, being DOUBLE at anything is never good unless you are gambling double or nothing and win…or unless you love pizza like I do and you want a double portion.  Wackiness aside, what would seem like a relatively easy aspect of Abby’s healing to discern, is really a MAJOR step in her healing process.  To the best of MY understanding, at this point, we want Anna’s cells to win the race!  Keep that in prayer will you?  That’s what I thought you would say!

Day +16 and looking toward leaving next week by Mark Schreiber

I just talked to the Docs this morning, and it looks like she is on schedule to get out of the hospital during the middle of next week!  ANC at 440 today and they expect it to double for a few more days. Once she is at 500 for three days in a row, she can leave. So, Sat, Sun, Mon should be the three days, and then we’ll have our “independence day” the day that Tiffany and I get to give her all of her meds (it’s a test to make sure we know what we are doing before we leave).

Once we pass our test, get trained on how to give all of these pills and when to give them, we’ll get to take the 10-minute drive to the new apartment. Woot woot!

They will also be doing a chimerism test which will start to help them determine who’s cells are coming back. Obviously, we hope that these cells are Anna’s and not Abby’s. Chimaera is actually a Greek mythological creature with 2 (or more) heads. In a medical sense, the condition is when you have two types of cells in your body. Oh, those doctors are so clever in their naming! But we would rather have a successful takeover of Abby’s cells by Anna’s stem cells than a 2-headed creature let loose in Abby’s bloodstream. This blood test will be an early indicator of that condition, and then a day-28 bone marrow test will be the better test to see if Anna’s cells have outcompeted Abby’s.

Finally, Abby’s IV pole is looking pretty good lately. Only two pumps on it now, and then basic IV fluids with an occasional antibiotic dose. She’s been taking lots of oral meds, some of which make her very nauseous, but overall she has been having couple blocks of the day where she feels good enough to eat. Hopefully, we’ll figure out a way to kick the nausea soon and let her have full nights rest.

Hopefully, it will stop snowing and be sunny by the time we leave. Gotta love the Colorado Spring!

2 thoughts on “More Updates from Colorado…Abby is close to getting released from the HOSPITAL (but will be going to a close-by apartment for 100+ days)

  1. John and I are continually praying for Abby and your whole family! What an ordeal to have to go through. She is an amazing strong and courageous young lady!


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