Abby Update … Day Zero behind us …

This is from my son-in-law Mark Schreiber. “Today, by the powers and authority given to me as the Dad, I

Today, by the powers and authority given to me as the Dad, I hearby declare the blog name today will be called ‘Anna Update’ in honor of her bravery and gift.

Today Anna did the heavy lifting.

She’s out of surgery now and recovering form anesthesia. She was in there for about 3 hours. They has to take a bit more than the max that she can give because her stem cells weren’t as densely packed as is typical. They ended up taking it from 5 sites. 2 in the back hip left side one in the back right and 1 from each side on both front hips. She’s gonna be sore for a bit.
The lab is spinning down the marrow and getting the stem cell separated. Right now, based on calculations, they are still below the amount they would like to have for transplant. But they couldn’t take any more volume so it is what it is right now.  If they needed they could always try to harvest more via peripheral blood but we’ll talk about that with the doctor later once we know the final stem cell volume.

She’s a trooper. We’re all tired and are just trying to roll with it.

Abby’s pains mostly under control for now, she’s on a pain pump. The thing that really hurts is when she hiccups which unfortunately happens a lot right now.
Later today she’ll get an IV drip of Anna’s Stem Cells where they will make a new home in Abby. If you test Abby’s blood in a year, she’ll have Anna’s DNA. But if you cheek swab her, she’ll still be Abby. I told her that she may have a future as a criminal mastermind. But, she didn’t think  that would be the best use of this gift. I agree as well. Let’s just get her better.

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