Very Helpful Video on Understanding Leukemia!

I ran into the video this weekend and thought I would share it across our network of family and friends.  People often look at me with a bit of confusion about the nature of cancer as it manifests itself in Leukemia.  This TEDEd video explains Leukemia simply and profoundly.  In fact, if you and your family are joining us in praying for Abby, this video is VERY helpful and NOT scary for kids to watch.  You as a parent can explain to your children that THIS is what Abby is fighting.  VERY VERY VERY helpful to put information on something for which we are praying!  I found this VERY HELPFUL video on information of what Leukemia is and how the Bone Marrow Transplant works!  The absolute miracle, mentioned at the end of the video, is how vital it is that Lily and Anna are a “match” to Abby! One of the sisters will be Abby’s transplant donor!  Good information!

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