New Day and “Prayer time” for our family!

We have so many things going on in the broader Dugall clan. Starting with the youngest, Aaron and Rachel are awaiting the birth of their first child (a girl!) in July.  Chaya and Kelly are so blessed with little Hadley and our Special K!  Mya continues to grow…and then there is our daughter, Tiffany and her family.  Our eldest granddaughter is battling Leukemia again.  She was pronounced “healed” when she was six years old after a three year battle. But after a series of events (which I will not attempt to summarize), Abby’s Leukemia has reemerged.  She has finished four rounds of chemotherapy and is moving quickly towards Bone Marrow Transplant protocol in April.  For us, as you can imagine, there are demands and desires…we want so much to walk in life with all our children and six (soon to be seven) precious grandgirls.  Our lives in terms of free time is spent on the road, in airplanes heading to either Phoenix, Boise or Ft. Collins.  That encompasses our desires…but now with Abby’s illness, our time and energy and spirit is “demanded”…we feel the urge, leading and loving necessity to be fully present in Abby’s life and our daughter’s family’s life as they navigate these troubled waters.  We do so in GREAT faith and confidence in God’s loving, gracious and healing presence.  Even so, these days are not lived without “demand”…our time, energy and sacrifice.  Vicky heads to Boise today to visit Hadley, Kae, Chaya, Kelly and Mya…then she flies to Colorado beginning next week for a period of time that may not end until June.  As a married couple, we feel strong and confident in our relationship and our ability to partner with our families through life’s challenges even if that means we have to be separated by miles for a time.  I’ll be joining Vicky in the middle of April for the Bone Marrow Transplant journey.  In that time, Vicky might be flying for a day to Phoenix for a baby shower for the Dugalls in Phoenix and I’ll be flying back and forth from Seattle to lead worship, speak and teach at our faith community in Monroe, Washington.  When I arrive in the middle of April in Ft. Collins, I’ll be able to continue my online teaching while I spend time with the Schreibers in whatever way they choose to use my time best…whether that is at the hospital with Abby or at home with Anna and Lily doing homework, school, and living as normal of life as possible.

I humbly ask for your prayers.  We have set up a GoFundme page for Abby if you feel led by the Spirit of God to join our journey in a financial way…even so, it is your faith, love, and friendship and partnership across the miles that we covet the most!  What makes our lives so blessed is that we know that we see Jesus in all of you…we hear from Jesus in your emails, calls and texts.  We sense Jesus’ presence when you give us a hug.  We feel enveloped by Jesus by the spirit of our friendship despite the miles that separate us.  So, again thank you for joining our journey in prayer and heart!

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