Heaven – a great podcast to listen to – Luke and Dr. Scot McKnight

516ylP7Td9L._SX346_BO1,204,203,200_I don't know Luke, but I love his podcast.  I can say that I know Dr. Scot McKnight and have exchanged emails, thoughts on the Bible as well as the fact that I have been a FAN of Scot's for many years.  I'm also a regular reader of the Jesus Creed blog (which is Scot's FINE blog that you should subscribe too NOW).  

I listened to this podcast with interest.  As is said in the first few moments of the podcast, this book gives the reader a bit of a summary of NT Wright's classic book on the Resurrection, but what is excellent is Scot's own "take" on this vital subject.  His writing style has "hooked" many a reader in that Scot brings theological sophistication as well as a biblically robust analysis to bear with any of the subjects that he addresses. HERE is a link to Scot's Amazon page…peruse it and get any or all of his books (email me rdugall@apu.edu for specific suggestions if you like.) Since this is the Lenten season, confession is not only timely but good for the soul.  SO, dear Jesus, I confess that I haven't read the book YET!  But it is on my desk staring at me!  The podcast has given me that friendly "nudge" to get on with it!  Trust me, though, I have ALL Scot's books and HIGHLY recommend them (as well as use them in my undergrad courses and adult leadership training seminars).  For now, I DO recommend that you listen to this podcast!  AND – DO buy the book!

Click ON THE IMAGE on the podcast to listen to Luke's interview!  I would encourage you that if you enjoy it, SUBSCRIBE to the podcast, I certainly do!  Click on the BOOK image to buy Scot's great book!  


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