Jesus, the One we Follow and Serve

Jesus – The One we Follow and Serve

A couple of weeks ago, I was "assailed" by this devotion. It actually took my breath
away when I read it because of its simplicity and profundity. Friends, we make our
relationship with God so complex. We attempt to organize, strategize, "get busy"
for God…we plan, write purpose statements, form ministry teams and small groups.
We get together for worship experiences and bible studies. We DO all sorts of
things supposedly FOR Jesus when Jesus all along needs to be the sole target of
our affection, trust and day-to-day living. Jesus defined a Kingdom of God lifestyle
for his followers very simply – love God, love others, live for Jesus, make disciples.
In some way I wish I could "take back" all the times I encouraged people to "join the
church" thinking that religious activity would be the key to their understanding and
lifestyle in Jesus when Jesus is all we need. NOW, don't take this wrong…there is
much to be said about the importance of spiritual community, relationships in the
Body of Christ and the vital nature of the encouragement that we receive as we are
faithful to God's call to walk this journey with others. But MAKE NO MISTAKE
ABOUT IT our lives, lifestyle, mission, calling and passion needs to be focused on
who and what Jesus defined it to be. My encouragement today is for you to read
the following slowly. Let the Spirit of God wash over you with a growing passion
for Jesus. Trust me, as you follow Jesus…keep your eyes on Jesus…have Jesus be
the focal point of your love, life and the affections of your heart, then we will see
together the mission of Jesus accomplished in our midst. I like that this devotional
was originally posted in the "Simple Church" Journal…actually, that's really what
"Church" should be – simple – simply Jesus!

Make disciples who are followers of … Jesus.
Not followers of doctrines, opinions, or church visions.
Not reciters of creeds or religious points of view.
But followers of the One.
Followers who follow because they know Him. They have tasted, touched, and
encountered Him and now they want to continue to develop that closeness,
intimacy, and relationship with Him. They know no greater joy.
They are not turned into members of denominations, attenders of services, or
clones of the latest way to do Christianity or church.
They remain His and they pursue Him and they follow Him and obey Him out of a
loyalty and passion that comes from deeply knowing Him.
They learn His voice because they love Him.
They lay down their own, personal agenda because they value Him.
They take up His vision to see the restoration of His Kingdom come to all people
because they experience His everyday encounters that restore and free their own
soul and they are driven to see this love transform others.
They know Him, they have found life, and they continue to find life through Him.
And because they know Him, they love Him.
And because they love Him, they follow Him…

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