Good article on a difficult, cultural topic and struggle – “Does God see me as a Heterosexual?” and other thoughts on Sexuality by Brant Hansen

BrantHansencropI don't know Brant…but I'm making it my week's goal to listen to his podcast and order his book.  This is a VERY HELPFUL article for many reasons.  It is good theology, good practical conversation regarding a very "hot" topic in culture; it is sensitive as well as empathetic.  The article communicates what has not been an oft seen reality in recent months and years, "compassionate and humble" truth-telling.  I believe Brant did something that not too many people have been able to do – speak the truth (from his vantage point) in love.  If this topic has been something you've struggled with…if you need a place from which to evaluate and "feel through" as well as think through some of your own perspectives and beliefs, this article will stimulate that process.  Thanks Brant!

You can check out Brant's website and podcast here! 

Download "Does God See Me as a Heterosexual"

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