Back to you with a POST that is VITAL for you to read…

AnnI do a lot of writing on a day to day basis.  Sometimes it is meaningful…sometimes?  Well, you can imagine.  Despite my writing habits there are authors and bloggers who "take my breath" away with their insight, prophetic voice and challenge.  One of those authors is Ann Voscamp.  I've been so thankful to God that Ann's blog was brought to my attention.  I'm never disappointed in her artistic and poetic posts as well as her subtle encouragement to deepen a walk with Jesus as well as join in the mission of the Kingdom of God.

This post has not left my imagination or my heart for several days.  It is powerful and heart-breaking but calls from Jesus followers a deliberateness in seeking God, actually, pleading with God for action.A friend of mine is critical of our country's administration regarding Iraq and, truthfully, I understand the criticism.  But this takes more than criticism…this post talks about a travesty of justice and such outrageous brutality that it alone should spark some moral clarity within anyone who has a soul.  I don't know what to do…there's a part of me that says, "we have to do something militarily to stop this"…there is part of me that bristles against war of any kind and remembers what happened and the destruction and death that occurred during the Iraq war.  I'm stuck…but my heart hurts for these young girls and the massive amounts of people who are suffering.  Our past mistakes can't immobilize us from action.  Something needs to be done…pray with me that that will happen soon!

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