Is it the blind who can’t see or is it really those who can see that are truly blind?

00020103_hIn the gospel of John, chapter 9, vs. 3 – Jesus answers the disciple’s statement in a most bizarre manner.

If you look at it closely, Jesus doesn’t really answer their question with an answer…he answers it with a statement.  The source of the blindness has NOTHING to do with sin…that would have been the expected answer – rather it is for a bigger purpose – so that the glory of the Lord would be seen in a new and dramatic way in the world’s story.  

Amazing…really amazing.  In other words, in every situation…good or bad…stress-filled, confusing, or peaceful…in situations you can understand and in situations you can’t…GOD IS MOVING IN A WAY TO MAKE HIMSELF REAL IN THE MIDST OF WHATEVER YOU ARE GOING THROUGH.

At first, I have to admit, I was not to crazy with that statement.  But after further reflection, I can see how absolutely true it is.  In other words, God is about the business of revealing himself in new ways when you least expect it.

Vicky and I were just talking about this about a week ago…if it wasn’t for Jesus, what we are navigating with our son’s suicide would wipe us out.  But we are looking for SOME GOOD…SOME way that God is going to make himself MORE real in our lives despite the tragedy.  In other words, pain is another opportunity for God to make himself and his love known personally in your life and mine. I have to admit again, that's not what we expect.  We have some pain and we want to blame…blame the world, other people and especially God.  Even so, despite the fact that we are caught up in our limited perceptions, God is at work in and through the most difficult of circumstances. In the end, even in painful and difficult times, Jesus is going to be manifested…manifest means “being on display."

Jesus is going to be on display in all the areas of your life if you look for him.  Bad things happen and instead of looking for Jesus to make himself real in a new way, we blind ourselves to his presence in our grief, anger or blaming I guess what I’m trying to say is that with God.  Remember – NOTHING is a throw away…no pain is too great…no dilemma too confusing…no tragedy too big for Jesus not to make himself known in a new way.  In midst of these times – here's something to consider – don't say, “woe is me” but where is Jesus?  That's a great start!

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