Amazingly prophetic and drenched in truth and love…

MartyrsIt doesn't happen very often in my world…some people seem to be extraordinarily gifted to be able to capture in words and in images thoughts and feelings that challenge as well as comfort the heart.  For the last 25 years I've become a book-a-holic.  I can't seem to read enough to quench my soul's thirst for more knowledge, insight, and perspective.  Over those years, despite literally 100's of books being read, only a few authors rise to the top…those authors whom God supernaturally gifts with an ability to share through words truths that are healing, prophetic, insightful, comforting, challenging and artistically imaginative.  My short list includes CS Lewis, George McDonald, Dallas Willard, John Ortberg, Richard Rohr, David James Duncan, Thomas Cahill, Rob Bell, Alan Jones, Alan Hirsch, Mike Frost…I could go on.  I've read everyone of their books for various reasons and still enjoy and hunger to hear more from each of them. Yet I have to admit the ONE author, a blogger and web presence extraordinaire, Ann Voscamp has not only delighted me but ministered to my heart in ways that are difficult to comprehend and share.  Ann is one of those uniquely gifted people who not only writes well but also expresses herself poetically in a way that is captivating, encouraging and enlightening all at the same time.  It is truly a rare gift, one that I am so blessed to be able to behold and to which I joyously open my heart and life.  Ann is one of those authors that come around rarely in every generation.  In a market full of fluff, how to books, and authors published simply because they have a following and can sell books NOT because they have something meaningful to say, Ann is an exceptional delight.  

This past week, 21 Christians were martyred in Egypt.  Although I've read many "takes" on the situation, Ann's blog post entitled, "The Wake Up Call that is ISIS:  Who in the Church is Answering?" has captured my imagination.   I wish I could force everyone I know to read it…that's impossible, I know.  But the LEAST I can do is to bring it to your attention.  If you follow Jesus, please read this post.  Meditate on it…pray over it…and ask Jesus to lay on your heart how YOU will respond or "answer" this wake-up call!  Thanks Ann…I was so moved by your post…I'm still praying on how to respond and your words won't leave my heart and soul for some time…that's about all I can say!  

Click HERE or on the picture above to access the blog post.  

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