A Video worth watching…”Before Public Speaking”

I'm an addict of the TED talks.  I'm a willing addict for a couple of reasons – first, I admire and am intrigued by presentations.  Since many of us in pro ministry are "on the spot" in front of "audiences" awaiting a word or two of intelligence, challenge and spiritual encouragement, I find that I need to be a student of presentations.  TED talks are a necessary resource in that passion to constantly be growing as a communicator.  Secondly, I find that I can keep another finger on the culture by watching what the "brightest and best" are entertaining intellectually.  TED is a wealth of ideas on a broad spectrum of topics that are meant to bring about curiosity and intrigue in the mind and heart of the viewer.  Although I would LOVE to be present at an actual TED conference, I've discovered that the video library of TED talks is something that I can fit into my schedule and something that definitely protects my tender pocketbook.

The Video I am going to recommend for you to view has to do with communication.  In light of what has become a "debilitating" and unnecessary habit of tearing down and attacking others on the internet, Julian Treasure offers some well timed guidance.  If you want others to listen to you, there are some guidelines that can open up conversation and enable a safe and considerate (I would call, "loving") verbal give and take.  I listened to this short video and immediately was convinced that WE as 5-2, Mission-driven, risk-taking spiritual and sacramental entrepreneurs would be well served to watch, listen and apply these brief suggestions.  Interestingly, they are taken directly from something with which we are familiar – the scriptures, Ephesians 4:20-32.  Even so, in this context, Julian's encouragement, once applied, can not only enhance our own communication but also set some good boundaries on how the Spirit calls us to treat each other!  I think it is way past time to make a personal and 5-2 commitment to be people who practice God-honoring communication in relationships.  And when there is communication that is not God-Honoring, we need to remember that there are NOT too many people really listening.  Thanks to God for that!

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