Quick Reflection on the movie “Fury”

887bc800-fbb6-11e3-a28f-dd60814cec97_fury_splashI've been a war movie fan for years.  I cut my teeth on the war genre when I was a kid watching "Combat" in glorious black and white on television. In fact, this movie reminded me a bit about that show because it was raw, real and moving.  If you have any doubt about the brutality of war and how it transforms the human soul then this movie will make you a true believer.  It is a difficult movie to watch…very emotional and very harsh in reality.  War is not glorious…it is gritty, bloody and filled with evil.  No matter where you are on the spectrum of beliefs about war, "Fury" will underscore your perspective with much needed pure experience.  I can't mince words here…if you are an "anti-war" believer, "Fury" will prove to you why you believe what you do.  If you believe that sometimes war is a necessity but that we can't underestimate how it changes nations and people many times for the worse, "Fury" will deliver on that as well.  If you think that evill needs to be confronted, you'll see that in spades but, make no mistake about it, one can't confront evil without being burned…you'll see that if you watch this film.  

The wonder of this movie is the narrow scope of what the film maker attempts to do with you as an audience member.  Slowly over the course of the film you feel like you are member of this tank crew. You are in that tank feeling, smelling, and sensing. You learn to understand the magnitude of the danger each tank crew member faces as well as the "smallness" of their world.  The huge issues in this movie come more in subsequent reflection on the film…I discovered that I couldn't stop thinking about it for quite some time.  The reason?  There are piercing moral and ethical issues that I found myself wrestling with after the fact.  For example, the film tosses the viewer into the shoes of an innocent, that being, a young soldier unstained by the effects of human combat.  I saw myself in that young soldier…fearful, full of pain and panic, having the deal with and process experiences he never expected to have to face.  If caught in the same circumstances, what would you and me do?  Can human brutality change a person over time?  What is the impact on the human soul of death and mayhem?  How is what is going on around the world transforming scores of people, even innocent children, into cold-hearted, soulless actors on the dramatic stage of ideological conflict?  Besides those questions, there were some other noteworthy issues that emerged from the film…one that I found myself quite caught up in was the comradery and sense of dependence that this crew experienced with each other.  Facing battle together and experiencing the harshness of reality did what many other experiences in life can't do, form an unbreakable bond of brotherhood.  Well, I could go on about the film but I'm stopping here…I don't know whether to recommend it or not.  For me, as difficult as it was to watch, I found myself walking out of the film and desiring to call every veteran I knew and say, "thanks."  If you are wondering what soldiering is all about, "Fury" won't disappoint.  On the other hand, make no mistake about it, "Fury" isn't for the faint at heart.  And with that, I'll leave you to your own conclusions.

By the way, you might find this review helpful as well…"Hollywood Jesus" nails it. 

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