Icktank Weekend – October 3-5 @ Peace in Monroe

Icktank logo

Icktank Weekend – October 3-5, 2014
Peace @ Monroe

For the weekend of October 3-5, Peace is hosting a "learning and growing experience" led by Heather and Leann, "Icktank" ministry. We will have sessions on Friday night (7-8:30am), Saturday morning (9am to noon) and Sunday morning.

Icktank is short for "ichthus think tank." The ichthus is the classic fish symbol used in early Christianity -a "password" drawn in the sand to identify believers in the culture. Think tanks are a modern creation for the development of ideas that solve real world problems, often of a societal nature. This blend of the ancient and the visionary is a recurring theme in the icktank approach. Icktank is led by two wonderful Christ following women, Heather Davis and Leann Luchinger. This weekend will focus on communicating the truth of God in a complex and pluralistic world. We will investigate "loaded" Christian words (like sin, church, salvation, etc.) and learn more on how to reclaim these words and utilize them in redemptive ways in our daily lives. Don't miss it! Here's a short video from our presenters and teachers…your personal invitation to join in!

Contact me, rdugall@apu.edu if you would like some more information!  

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