Peeking into Culture – Two Videos that Spiritual Leaders need to be aware of…based upon the book,

1woman-peeking-behind-wall-hole-9437124Christopher Ryan is a scientist and research psychologist.  He is well educated, articulate, humorous as well as honest in his profession and viewpoints.  I'm not attempting in this blog post to argue, demean or marginalize his viewpoints.  I ordered the book and I'm going to read it…and even then, I see books like this through the lens of my attempt to continue to be a student of the culture.  What I CAN and WILL say is that Christopher's conclusions are implications of what happens within culture when there is a marked paradigmatic shift from "theisim" (biblical theism for most of us) and non-theism.  You see, Christopher's work is COMPLETELY consistent to that which emerges from a non-theistic worldview.  When all you have is the material world…when you interpret the world and your actions and behaviors without moral accountability to anything "bigger" than yourself or your peer group…or when you see the world as simply an extension of biological and physical urges and instincts, this becomes your conclusion – all gloves are off…essentially "morality", as we define it from a biblical theistic perspective, becomes not only "outdated" but unnecessary.  The "god" of non-theism is the autonomous self and anything that indulges that self is acceptable.  The ONLY "governor" on human behavior is social acceptability which, of course, can be transcended by listening to the "right" voices or aligning with the enlightened few.  So, here are a couple of videos for you who travel the path that I travel professionally and personally.  They are worth your time because they reveal where our culture is heading.  What many of us would label as promiscuity will eventually be languaged or defined as "normal" and "natural" and "biologically consistent with our species."  So, before you click on the links, I caution you, there are some words you might not want children to hear.  But use this time as a cultural education time.  Then, maybe we can talk some more… – in which Christopher review's his book, Sex at Dawn. – his latest "Ted" talk in 2013.

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