The Persistence of Faith – a GREAT book by Jonathan Sacks

1Persistence-of-FaithI don't know how I miss these things.  I guess it has to do with time, exposure to divergent communities, etc.  Never heard of Jonathan Sacks before and, for the life of me, I can't remember how I heard about this book.  But I'm glad I did.  Sack's book was one of the most intelligent and persuasive writings I have been exposed to of late that addresses moral deliberation and foundations in soceity. It also is HUGE on the vital importance of TRUE community…not pseudo-community (i.e. Scott Peck) but value shaping, morally accountable, truly life shaping community.  I would recommend that you read it…it is a bit "heavy" at times but, essentially, the book is a series of published lectures.  Because of that dynamic, though weighty the book is approachable.  

By the way, here are some notes I took to get "your appetite" going:

Download Persistence of faith sum 1

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