Are the gospels compelling enough for you to follow Jesus?

Il_570xN.108565248Here's my thesis – Jesus' words and actions HAVE TO BE compelling enough…His Kingdom presence needs to be transformational enough…His teaching life changing enough WITHOUT explanation.  I believe that many of us are more "epistle" formed people than Jesus formed people.  NOW, don't get me wrong, I love the epistles.  I teach the epistles in local faith communities and in university settings. Even so, doesn't there have to be enough of Jesus to compell us to follow Him without epistle explanation?  If not, than why does getting to know the Jesus of the gospels even important?  If not, why bother with the four gospels.  You see, we are story changed people…and think about it this way – most of the New Testament wasn't even written until decades after Jesus actually walked upon this plantet.  AND it was THAT Jesus that inspired the book and launched the Jesus movement that changed the world.  People met Jesus and were transformed by Jesus…not a letter, a book, a scroll but a person!  Remember, the Gospel is not a WHAT but a WHO!  The Gospel is NOT a book but a person! SO, it behooves us to know this person.  That's why in our faith community and in my personal life, we're dedicating ourselves to a year and a half process of carefully and strategically learning from our Lord through the words of the four gospels.  I'll be posting MORE on this topic through the year…but for NOW, if you want to see the reading plan, Download Gospel Reading Plan   Join in learning more about the One you follow!

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