Difference between happiness and blessedness – reflections on the Beatitudes


The Beatitudes – Matthew 5

1.  Introduction 

Video – Happy Addiction

Look familiar?  It should…

  • I
    don’t want you to feel badly about that…because it is true for ALL of us

Just like the guy in the video – you
either lived crushed  OR you can escape
into some sort of fantasy land of delusion

Being happy and staying happy is touchy –
because all of us are beat down by reality

Happiness is very ethereal or fleeting

  • If
    you depend upon happiness in your circumstances, you are in big trouble because
    your circumstances change

In fact, for most of us happiness is all
circumstantial – if things are going are way…we’re pretty happy – if the boss
doesn’t ride our butts, if the wife doesn’t nag us, if the kids don't bother
us, if the traffic is good and the beer is cold, all happy

  • Again,
    just like the video – we might need that little extra in order to help us
    attain it – we can still get there…

I don’t know if you have thought about
this much or not at all…but for most people these days – their “feelings” guide
our lives – the problem with that is that feelings do not have enough true life

I remember a while ago – therapist said
trust your feelings – problem is that I can’t – I learned that a long time
ago…my feelings are guided NOT by critical thinking or any outside authority or
guidance but by pure self-interest

That’s why – my experience is that if
Happiness is your main goal in life – that’s trouble

Read an article this week – “Put On Your
Grown Up Pants – How To Handle Yourself Emotionally When Things Go Bad” by Isaiah

 “The greatest day in your life and mine is
when we take total responsibility for our attitudes. That’s the day we truly
grow up.” John C. Maxwell

  • If
    you beleive that premise, then a lot of people are just not grown up yet…

see, he points out what a lot of people know – too many people are guided by
their emotions.

  • We
    like to pretend that we are supremely rational creatures but very often, our
    decisions come down to our emotional states…motivation, good or bad
    feelings…anger, resentment, depression, desperation, loneliness, etc.
  • And
    a lot of people are victims of their emotions rather than being the master of
    their emotions – be that negative or positive emotions
  • Understand
    this: Decisions driven by negative emotions bring pain.
  • All
    sorts of people let negative emotions (even positive emotions) get the better
    of them
  • They
    Lose control…apt to verbally abuse someone, breakdown under pressure, and
    freeze up
  • All
    those feelings don’t promote action in fact they lead to destruction

That why I need to be clear today – let
me put it this way – the expectation that you or me can be happy all the time
is delusional – and if that is the case for you, as it has been for me ALL week
this week, you will have a hard time today

If you are expecting God to be some sort
of vending machine of happiness – you are in for some enlightenment

Because despite the fact that we would
LOVE IT if Jesus would guarantee our happiness…he doesn’t..but He does promise
us BLESSEDNESS and even that is not defined by Jesus in a manner would we

Jesus wants to something HUGE in your
life and my life – something healthier and much more substantial than happiness,
that he calls, “BLESSEDNESS”

2.  Let’s look at the Text – Matthew 5

I don’t know if you know this or remember
this – but these words are from Jesus’ Sermon on the mount

  • This
    sermon occurs two times in the NT – one in Matthew and one in Luke – each
    writer has their own take on the sermon based upon the story of Jesus that they
    are weaving for their communities/audiences
  1. Luke
    – sermon is given on “the plain”…Matthew on a hillside or mountain (Luke the
    ultimate egalitarian and Matthew making connections with Moses and giving of
  1. Matthew
    Jesus gives sermon early in ministry – Luke later on 
  1. Luke
    has four pairs of blessings and woes – Matthew has nine blessings – persecution
    prominent in both collections

Now get on to the words…the word “Blessed”
is “Asher” in Hebrew – “Makarios” in Greek

  • Greek
    – happy, blessed or privileged, recipient of divine favor (Jerome in 410 AD –
    Vulgate – “beatus” – where we get the “beatitudes” from)
  • Makarios
    is translated blessed – not translated happy – if it is translated or
    interpreted as a feeling of happiness, that translation or understanding is a
    disservice to us
  • Not
    talking happy – as I said earlier, I’m happy and you’re happy about a lot of
    things and I’m not and you’re not about others 
  • I’m
    not happy with way my neighbor ripped off my power, or how the NFL is calling
    pass interference or the fact that the Tigers didn’t make it to the World Series…I’m
    happy if my pizza is warm or my guitar’s in tune or it my dog sleeps through
    the night – other stuff – again, all circumstantial

But on the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus
isn’t talking emotion – in fact, the closest concept is to the actual word
comes from two words in Hebrew – one is Asher and the other Shalom – both Asher
and Shalom are more about an orientation, perspective, and discovery of what is
meaningful in the midst of shallow or superficial options than it is about

What Jesus is actually doing in this
sermon is saying that GOD recognizes an already existing state of happiness and
good fortune – affirming a quality that is already there – when He says we are

  • In
    other words, the Beatitudes are not formulas – “you are blessed if you do X”
    NOR are they a bargain you try to make with God – “God, if I do X,  will get you guarantee that I get Y”
  • The
    point Jesus is driving at is this –  “look at the joy of the people who are….
  • In
    other words, no matter the circumstance – blessedness already exists (gift of
    grace God already has given
    is a word picture of someone who is ultimately and firmly resting in God

You see, this is radical stuff – because
here’s how we usually do these things:

am blessed because (I have)______________(again, that’s conditional or material)

But Jesus says,

  • I am blessed because GOD – PERIOD!
  • I am blessed because God is doing
    something in and through me
  • In
    other words, this is the ultimate adherence to Jesus’ words about “Seek first
    His kingdom…” (Matthew 6) and Paul’s words about the peace that passes
    understanding (in Philippians 4) 

Now in my book that would be enough…but
there’s more at work here, so hold on – let me take a different angle with this
so that you don’t miss it – this is HUGE…

  • This
    is the way I see it in my mind’s eye – people gathered to listen to Jesus
    speak…he starts off the talk with blessed are…now most of the people, strain to
    hear what’s being said…he’s speaking to many, many people…there’s a miracle
    that day in the gift of hearing NOT just Jesus’ speaking…
  • But,
    back to the story, people strain because they want to hear…or, better yet, they
    expect to hear:
  • “Blessed
    are you when you are happy” – that’s what we expect to hear…”blessed are you
    when you have…”

    • Enough
    • Enough
    • A
      big house
    • Protection
      from the romans
    • A
      place in society of high rank
  • But
    Jesus said, blessed are you when you are “humble, poverty in spirit, broken,
    persecuted”…that’s not easy stuff

See what Jesus is doing here – he’s
changing the rules…Jesus changed the rules and meaning of what we think blessed
is all about

You see, the people in Jesus’ time, just
like us, have a list of what we think it means to be blessed – if we see those
things, hey they FEEL that they are blessed


  • He
    got healed – he must be blessed
  • Things
    are going well for him – he’s blessed
  • Or
    maybe in our time – He just won the lottery, got a raise, or a new car, or is
    going on vacation, or kid won an award, or, or, or…”fill in the blank” of
    anything positive 

But Jesus changes the paradigm – and we
don’t really get how astounding it was for Jesus to say these things….

He gets the people/us set up – “you are
blessed if (and what would we expect to hear – what would Jesus’ audience
expect to hear) He goes on to say things like humility, brokenness and mourning
and that’s not what they hear

Astounding – like this:

  • I’d
    like to give you a compliment – you’re ugly
  • Let
    me share with you something positive – then you give negative
  • Let
    me give you a gift – handful of garbage
  • He
    comes home dinner reservation to expensive place, tickets to a musical,
    flowers…sit down and he says, “I want a divorce”

That’s why this sermon has lasted the
test of time – Jesus’ audacity of talking about more than symptom relief or
saying “have a nice day”

  • If
    Jesus would have talked about happiness he would have been one more in a line
    of superficial, run of the mill emotional con men…
  • But
    he was talking about something deeper – something not based on Disingenuinousness
    but Authentically – something that only God can do
  • one
    exhausts and one empowers (living on the superficial – that will exhaust you
    because you’ve got to find a way to keep the positive feeling going – and you
    can’t) – THE OTHER (blessedness) will empower you because when you are blessed
    you can do anything (regardless of how you feel)

Jesus knew that looking for happiness
would lead to defeat or escapism – whether we admit it or not despite the fact
that Jesus lived in the first century, He knew why addiction comes so easily
for people

  • He
    knew our propensity to either mask it our lack of fulfillment or search for something
    as superficial as happiness…
  • Feeling
    happy is momentary symptom relief – momentary symptom relief doesn’t solve problems
    – the only way they EVER get fixed is in a deep state of blessedness –
    contentment – rest – peace no matter what the circumstances and in the midst of
    the most difficult of circumstances
  • In
    fact, Jesus actually has the guts to say it – it appears when your life sucks,
    you’re blessed…and that reality should change your life and life’s perspective
    – THAT should bring you happiness…

That sound bizarre? It is…

I’ve avoided this stuff all week…trust me
– tough week emotionally – seems like God does this all the time…

3.  Here are the specifics of the reality of

– Blessed are the humble and pious

– Blessed are they who mourn – to deny suffering or to find it morbidly
entertaining are wrong – suffering can be a doorway to wisdom – we mourn over
injustice and do not come to compassion fatigue – mourn over our own brokenness

– Meek will inherit – that is a link back to Abraham – rights of promise land –
humbly seek God – neither too bold nor too timid

– Hunger and thirst are HUGE yearnings…searching like for the pearl of great
price – righteousness is relational – not goodness but relational – hooking up
with the action of God in history – righteousness is also an action of response
– action of righteousness creates Peace

– Showing mercy is related to forgiveness – merciful respond to the needs of
other with compassion and action

– The heart is something that Jesus wants to change – once he has the heart the
hands will follow – purity of heart has to do with transparency and singleness
of motive

– Peacemakers are different from peacekeepers or pacifists- peacemakers work
for healed relationships at all levels

– Those who are persecuted join the fellowship of suffering




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