A VERY prophetic and important statement…and follow up article!

8552237471_de170c847e_b"It seems that there are often no churches in our cities worth joining. I say this because I see many people planting new churches rather than coming alongside churches that are already established."
Seth McBee

I've been saying roughly the same thing for years.  I simply don't understand why we need MORE churches unless those churches are doing something that many are NOT – that is, making disciples and encouraging personal transformation.  It seems that so many "successful" churches want franchises and many of the decade old "franchises" (aka denomination) want success in a dwindling "market" of denominational adherents.  I think we need a change in mind and heart about cooperative ministry in a time when SO many in the culture have NO IDEA what Church is and why the differences exist in the first place.  Instead of pushing our "brand" we should be sharing Jesus…pure and simple.  Now, I know that many will push back on the "purity" or "rightness" of their brand or theological persuation and how people NEED that purity/rightness.  But let me tell you what most people who are not followers of Jesus think about brand or theological persuations – ZIP!  Nada!  Nothing!  They are looking for authentic engagement with Kingdom people who LIVE as followers NOT represent an institution.  

Well…I decided to post the rest of Seth's article for you to enjoy, debate with, or trash…your call!  But I think it has some interesting thoughts that are essential for consideration:

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