“Be-Live” – not just a play on words but the meaning of faith

Download What about Be-live

There have been many questions as to why there is no circle in the “Three Circles” diagram that might be labeled “Behave.” Certainly any framework for discipleship and following Jesus should reflect behavioral outcomes. We should expect that becoming more like Jesus as his disciple will result in actions and attitudes (behaviors) that will distinguish us as “peculiar” kind of people. It will be our behaviors along with our attitudes that will serve as a herald of the good news that there is an alternative reign (Kingdom of God) within which I can live.

The short answer is that behavior is incorporated in the very center of the diagram under the category “Be” and “Live.”  For me, behavior is merely the external or visible manifestation of one’s character and identity.  Character, or identity, or “who you are” (represented by “Be” and “Live”), is what shapes ones behavior.  What we “believe” should shape who we are and what we do in life.  I behave the way I behave because that is what flows from the kind of person I am.  (read the entire article by downloading it above).

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