Things Hidden – Are you ready for the INFINITE?

572545-3-crossing-infinity“Are we ready for something infinite or not?"  Richard Rohr

What a
perplexing, provocative and stunning question, huh?  Think about that for a minute and you will
most likely discover, like me, that you have NO CLUE about how to answer
it?  Why? 
Because, in essence, we are materialists.  Yes, we say we believe and trust in God even
so we are focused primarily on the here and now.  The only time where “infinity” crosses our
minds is if we are exposed to some sort of complex mathematical issue or
watching some “cosmos oriented” television program or reading a book that tries
to sum up the eternal search for answers about “the great unknown” beyond the
grave.  Yet, if the truth were exposed
for all to see, we are pretty much stuck in our prevailing existential paradigm
– we are sensual creatures caught in the moment with eyes and ears and touch
that holds on to purely what are senses can attain.

Now before
you start accusing me of being a pessimist, consider this – when you are with a
child and face an issue where they have to embrace some sort of “delayed
gratification” what is there reaction? 
“I want it NOW!”  If you think
about that, delayed gratification, waiting, planning, looking into the future
for MOST PEOPLE is frustrating, dizzying, and frankly something they avoid like
the plague.  Why do most diets fail for
people?  Because they can’t ready themselves
for infinity…they have to satisfy their needs in the moment despite what it
will do to their futures.  Why do 99% of
new years resolutions fail?  Again,
people rarely deal with what is down the road…we are always struggling in the
moment, rationalizing, excusing, and making judgment calls that meet our needs
in the moment without consideration for eternity.  We are an “I want it now” being.  Even consider what happened back in the
Garden of Eden…what is that old cliché, “a bird in the hand is worth two in the
bush?”  Well, for Adam and Eve, a piece
of fruit in the hand was worth trading the promise of infinity for the
temporary satisfaction of an appetite. 
Someone once told me that cows were one big appetite…truthfully friends,
human beings are not much different.  We
just don’t “moo” and give milk…but we are the same when it comes to “feeding
our moments.” 

So that
takes me back to the Rohr quote above. 
Rohr makes a point in the first chapter of Things Hidden to talk a bit about our rejection of infinite meaning
in exchange for private meaning.  In
addition, he says that it is that dynamic that hinders us from really wrestling
with and being transformed by the biblical text.  In other words,

“…Biblical revelation says that we are
essentially related to something Infinite. 
It says that, in fact, we cannot know the full meaning of our life until
we see we are a little strand in a much larger tapestry.”

Instead of
being stuck and fixated on self-importance, the bible (because it is not only
the REVELATION of who God is but also because it embodies the LIVING WORD – the
same WORD that brought everything in existence – that is transformational by
its very essence) calls us into infinity. 
It calls us to embrace a relationship with God and become a person who
is driven not by finite appetites but for a yearning for eternity. 

I like what
Rohr says here,

“Most of religion, historically, expected we
would come to God by finding spiritual locations, precise rituals or right
words.  Our correct behavior or morality
would bring us to God or God to us…biblical revelation is that God is manifest
in the ordinary, in the actual, in the daily, in the now, in the concrete
incarnations of life.”

And if we
discover that God is moving in our ordinary lives, at the same time we discover
that God is pulling us into a time, place and action that is NOT limited to
just the here and now.  God gives meaning
in life HERE AND NOW but also says that we have MORE OF REAL LIFE to embrace as
we follow Him into the “infinite” (we would call that eternity).  Jesus said is well when He announced, “the Kingdom
of God is here” (Mark 1).  Most people
heard that and expected ONLY here and now implications (and there were
miraculous revelations of God’s presence in and through the ministry of Jesus)
but Jesus was saying MUCH, MUCH more. 
God brought infinity into our finite world through Jesus.  No longer was infinity tied to a place and
only exposed to a certain, select group. 
NOW, eternity was available to all. 
In fact, think like this – INFINITY lives in you as you trust in Jesus
and live His gift of Grace.  You are not
stuck in the moment…you have the Spirit of God living in you and that Spirit is
INFINITE and eternal.  Transformation for
every disciple is taking place as we treasure less of the “closed system” of
the mundane (only the here and now and what can be experienced sensually) and
look more for the infinite, the eternal, the life of God’s Spirit in every
moment.  Are YOU ready for the
INFINITE?  Follow Jesus and you’ll be

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