Follow up to my post “

1Follow-UpI would encourage you to follow the link HERE and look at all the comments on Scot's blog. There is good discussion, decent/God-honoring push back, and thoughtful response.  In a way of following up on some of what I was attempting to communicate, I'm posting something on my blog that I offered on Scot's this morning:

Looking forward to having a conversation about this post…I wrote it knowing that "language" would have to be parsed, engaged critically and "pastorally" evaluated. In response to a couple of you who seem to imply that ALL churches and ALL pastors should perform all weddings just because it is culturally "accepted" does not take into account that serious minded, loving, humble and compassion Jesus followers don't agree on this issue. My idea puts the responsibility in the "performing" of the marriage "covenant" into the hands of people in faith communities who share a commonality of values as well as specific scriptural adherence. I do not agree that just because the law of the land allows (soon to be) any form of marriage that the local faith community is obligated to jump at the culture's whim. In that case, we would NOT have had the scriptural and historical witness that we do. A Jesus following movement that submits to cultural norms that are built upon a divergent worldview than that of a biblically informed worldview is essentially not one that "stands" for anything. Many of us (not all) would agree that many of these issues are being informed more from a relativistic, individualistic moral/ethical deliberation than that which struggles with the promised "two edged sword" of scripture. I thought that one of the justices actually made a good point yesterday when he remarked that in our culture it is NOW assumed that if you do not accept specific legal definitions of ethical actions that you are now essentially being told that you "hate your neighbor or come along with us." My hope is to have some conversation. I'm at a place where I would let the state be in the "marriage" business while many of us (again, not all) look at marriage from a covenantal, even "sacramental" perspective anew! Talk about your "ancient/future" perspective!

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