I don’t know why I waited for so many years to do this – “Baptism Celebration”

1baptism_celebration_bannerYes, I've performed baptisms…TONS of them.  I wouldn't even venture a guess about how many…children and adults in baptismal fonts in the front part of sanctuaries of worship…hot tubs, beaches, pools, rivers…sprinkling or immersion – as one of my friends says often, "it's all good."  Even so, usually I've done baptisms "one at a time."  In other words, we have intentionally focused on ONE LIFE at a time.  That's important and significant and has always been a blessing.  But I've NEVER done a "Baptism Celebration."  What is a "Baptism Celebration?"  Well, in many faith communities, baptisms are celebrated IN GROUPS as Christ followers come together and have a BUNCH of baptisms happen in one gathering.  I've talked about this before and actually planned a couple of times to do it…but never have.  UNTIL yesterday!  What a celebration!  You can check out some of the pictures if you desire to on our ministry's website (peacemonroe.org – look at the picture galleries at the bottom of the home page).  All I can tell you is that it was moving and like a HUGE party…we had some babies and some adults.  We had some who were baptized with a little water (splash) and some with TONS of water (just poured some water on them or pushed their head into a big horse trough). Again, to quote my pal Joe, "it's all good."  There were many (if not most) in our faith community who had never witnessed a celebration like that…it was powerful.  For many, not a dry eye!  God does amazing things.  Something SO simple is SO powerful.  The touch of love and hand of grace…that's what baptism is.  It is a courageous act and also an amazing gift.  I wish I had done this earlier in my life…but I tell you one thing, I'm doing it again.  Really soon! 

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