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1reminders_primar-100010846-largeI think it is interesting though that many of the forms of govt that are being “desired” by people are much more feudalistic than I ever anticipated to see in my lifetime. It sounds like the prevailing winds of politic in the USA is favoring a “cradle to grave” state system of care that is post-modernity’s form of Middle Ages feudalism. In feudalism, it was ASSUMED by serfs that the “lord” would provide for them and care for their needs. They, in turn, would serve the lord at his whim…fighting his “battles” and dying in his “wars.”  

Interesting, that’s some of the tone of the rhetoric I am hearing from those who are promoters of the entitlement state. You see, when the “lord” cares for you it is his fault if things don’t turn out your way. There is NO personal responsibility in that system. Freedom, on the other hand, demands personal responsibility. Obviously, one day, if the govt is taking care of “us” they will also demand of “us.” That will come later… Actually, Samuel the biblical prophet said the same thing to the people of Israel when they demanded a king. And, for those of you who know the bible, that “prophesy” was realized. That’s why I still assert that the “community” hermeneutic of the bible is addressing the “kingdom community” of those within the covenant and NOT that which is assumed will be picked up by a secularistic system. Inherent within a community that serves because God served us is the justice that most of us seek. My reading of the book of Acts, for example, says that people were amazed by the love that was shared and experienced within those early Jesus-followiing communities. That’s what made them stand out. People outside those communities knew that the “light of the world” was shining and transforming hearts into just action. Within covenant the follower of God seeks to actualize the full reign of God. To assume that we can “impose” actions on secular society that are synonymous with Kingdom living “ain’t” going to work…it is too naive when it comes to the base narcissism that drives those outside the transformative nature of God’s covenant!

Take a listen to what Mike Breen says about Feudalism…he is comparing it to church structure…but it fits for government too!

Workshop Teaching #2 | Spiritual Feudalism | Mike Breen from 3DM on Vimeo.

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