Last Post of the Year! A message from Leonardo the Duck!

This is NOT serious…but this gives you a taste of the "other" part of my life.  As I say above, I have the blessing of wearing a number of "hats" in life – I'm a husband to a wonderful and lovely lady, Vicky; I'm the dad to four great kids and grand-dad to five wonderful girls.  In addition, I'm honored to lead a faith community in Monroe (Peace @ Monroe), be an Adjunct Professor for awesome universities and colleges (Azusa Pacific University, Concordia University, and Trinity Lutheran College).  I get the opportunity to play music in many different settings and besides that, I walk in life and in Kingdom living as a Jesus follower with awesome friends around the world!

Yet, one of my favorite things to do is puppetry…it goes back over 35 years to when I was working with Lutheran Youth Alive and assisting my friend Kevin Murphy with training teams for youth ministry. I've been playing around with puppets ever since.  Leonardo USED TO BE a lion…then Leo was permenantly buried accidently…so he morphed into a duck.  Anyway, this is the greeting the Leonardo gave to our faith community via our email blast system.  I thought I would end my blogging year with a special Christmas greeting to you! Merry Christmas – see ya in 2013.  

Leonardo the Duck greeting for Christmas 2012 from Robin Dugall on Vimeo.

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