What about THE Vote? Some “opinions” about what a Christ-follower can do!

What about THE Vote? What is a Christ follower to do?

This might be a devotional that pushes the "envelope" in terms of what many of you would regard as "spiritual encouragement." Even so, I'm going to state these points succinctly and NOT attempt to pontificate, lecture, cajole, or challenge anyone in a manner that would NOT be appropriate. I'm just going to write down for you some things to consider before you make your election decisions. Here are some GENERAL principles that the bible shares in terms of what a Christ follower is to take seriously when it comes time to vote.

1. Both political parties go to "church." In other words, God is NOT a democrat or republican. God stands on BOTH sides of a political argument. Since God reveals and embodies TRUTH, we must say that EACH party represents some aspect of the "heart of God." There are parts of EACH platform that affirms what the bible says. SO, the bible takes NO side.

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