Why I like this picture…

Wipeout-at-the-Pig-Race-e1347456302408-634x463There is something about this picture that I really love!  NO, I'm not a freak about pigs although, I must admit, that the most recent Evergreen State Fair's theme was "get your squeal on."  Fact is, I was sporting my pig shirt all week with the best of them.  Ah, but for another time and place.  Here's what's up with this picture.  First of all, it reminds me of a "sharing/small group"exercise that we used to do as a "crowd breaker" in the past.  I have scoured the internet and I can't find an electronic copy otherwise I would have posted it for you.  Let me simply say this – it is a picture of a bunch of children up on a tree.  Some look up the tree, gazing into the future.  Others have either fallen off the tree or are holding on for dear life.  There are a few other snapshots of life as well in that classic illustration. When I used it, I would ask people to take a peek at the picture and see which character they related to and why.  It always promoted some sort of conversation that helped get the evening kicked off in a good manner.

Well, I saw this picture today and I thought of that old small group conversational starter.  Pigs jumping, running and falling…you see, I can relate to each.  There are days when I am soaring.  Life is popping, things are happening, and there seems to be excitment in the air.  Other days, I'm just running…and running…and running, trying to keep up.  You know what I mean, it seems like the world is spinning by me and I'm trying with everything I got to keep up.  And then there are the days when my snout is in the chips.   Yep, those days when I'm face down (or belly up) simply exhausted.  

So, in many respects, what seems to be a pleasant picture can bring you some insight on where you feel life is at the moment.  Today, well, I'm running like a greased pig!  The last few weeks, I've convinced myself of my invincibility and so I'm plowing through life full speed ahead.  Of course, it doesn't take much more intelligence than a pig to realize where that race is going to end.  So, I ask you…who are you?  Which pig can you relate to and why?  I know…I know.  More to come…

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