“Footprints…being dragged by Jesus”

PhotoI saw this the other day…truthfully, I can't remember who sent it to me.  Maybe a FB post, I don't know.  All I can say is that it IMMEDIATELY struck me as truthful, at least in my experience.  I have always loved the footprints poem.  In fact, there have been countless websites actually dedicated to its personal impact.  Here's the main website for the poem.  I've read the poem at funerals and I'm sure if I made a sweeping review of talks I've given, I'd come up with a few times that I've used it as an illustration.  But I like this one better…why?  Because it is true.  I don't find many times in my life where I am "humble" enough to have the Lord carry me.  Rather, I'm the "he needs to be dragged" type.  Yep, I'm self-directed…narcissistic…self-assured and independent.  I need a good dose of brokeness occasionally.  And you know what, you do too!  Maybe if we all admitted that we need to be dragged into God's direction, His will, obedience and submissiveness to His voice or even that we have to be "dragged" or forced sometimes JUST TO OPEN OUR HEARTS AND HANDS to receive a gift of His love we would be better off.  I think we would…I know I have to be dragged around at times in my life…don't you?

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