Making a decision based upon some encouragement – Device-Free Fridays!

1276274582KdvXQtTechnology rules the day…I'm using more and more of my computer on a day to day basis.  I think if I were to add up the time on it daily I would guess around 6 to 7 hours and that may be a HUGE understatement.  I have my iPhone clipped to my waist…it goes off all the time not just with phone calls but various "alerts" of new texts, Facebook posts, and other alerts that I have programmed into the phone.  I have a Kindle and all my fiction books as well as my One Year Bible is loaded on that…I read it (or better yet, use it) every night.  Oh, and I also picked up on iPad.  Yep, so now I can do all sorts of stuff with that piece of technology (and, I may add, an amazing piece of technology it is).  

In 2009, tech was gobbling up an average of 12 hours a day for the "normal" college student…other studies show that out of the waking hours that every person has over 50% is spent on some sort of technological "gadget."  Yes, and I'm proud to say that my lifestyle completely reflects those statistics.

In some cases, I wouldn't be or should I be apologetic for much of this use of technology…so much of my work and time NEEDS to be spent on technology.  I use social media for good reasons relationally…I use technological tools to communicate with our faith community and friends…and let me not forget how easy it is to keep up with my wonderful spouse and kids with a cell phone, facetime on my MacBook Pro or iPad.  So technology can be and is good…but there is a dark side of technology as well.  It seems like over time my "insides" jump as I hear alerts, ring tones, etc.  I've been conditioned (like Pavlov's dogs) to respond to technology's beckon call.  

So, as a means of attempting to "fast" one day per week, on the advice and encouragement of Vicky, I'm declaring Fridays (my day off) "Device Free Fridays."  What I'm going to do is this – do my best to ignore the alerts, rings, posts, keyboards, etc. of my various devices so that I can nurture some sort of quiet in my soul.  

Maybe you have the same problem I do…maybe you need to check out what it means for you to be SOOOO connected you have no time to simply rest in "device free" peace.  It used to be (in eras that have long passed) that telephones were wired to a wall and a person could walk away from technology relatively easily.  I can remember being places where I couldn't check any messages, etc. because there were NO SUCH THINGS…we had to simply rely on people and situations catching up to us over time.  There was a bit of freedom in that…our lives weren't run by the devices.  Well, maybe we all need to find time to slow down a bit.  Yep, I got some loving encouragement to do this…but it is a decision well worth my sharing because of its potential power and wisdom.  


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