I have mixed feelings about this video…how about you?

I'm a HUGE fan of the biblical scholar Scot McKnight.  I have a "small" bit of history personally with Scot in that when I was leading the Youth Leadership Institute at Azusa Pacific University we hosted Scot for a talk with our students.  He is a great guy…humble, articulate, personable along with a great academic.  Anyway, I follow Scot's blog (Jesus Creed).  I don't know how he does it but he has a MINIMUM of three posts a day.  Of course, he's a professor full-time…which means he has a completely different lifestyle then those of us with "regular" jobs (sorry Scot…had to take a small shot at academia…of course, I'm a professor too but I also have a REAL job – if you call being a pastor a real job).  Enough of that – ON to the point of this post.  Scot posted a video produced by Francis Chan's ministry – in the video, Francis talks about "aging" and older people who are Christ followers.  Because of the fact that I am in community with a bunch of elderly people (and NO comments about my age), I took notice.  Why don't you watch it and tell me what you think…I don't know why when I viewed it for the first time I had mixed feelings…but I'm going to give it another look, think about it for a couple of days and then I'll post some thoughts in a day or two of my own.  Thanks Scot and thanks Francis for opening up this topic…much needed conversation!

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