Spoiled examples…thanks Congress

Aspoiled brat2I'm not trying to be deliberately political.  That's not my role in life.  I know we all have a political side to our existence because we invariably deal with the complexities of relationships in organizations.  Even so, when it comes to national or local politics, I keep reminding myself that despite my personal feelings, I am in sole allegiance to a King and a Kingdom.  So, I'm ruggedly independent…I have 'conservative leanings' in certain issues and 'liberal leanings' in others.  Reason?  Because My King doesn't fall into one political ideaology or another…but that take is for another time and place.

Let me simply say in a non-partisan manner that what the Congress did the other day was just despicable given the examples our children and young people need in terms of responsible leadership. Yes, let's acknowledge that there are disagreements in politics…and what was going on with AG Holder is confusing at best.  NONE of us really know the whole story…I'll admit that right here and now.  But this tendency of some in politics simply to walk out of proceedings because of divisiveness is immature, irresponsible and a HUGELY bad example to the 1000's of kids in our culture who are watching their leader's examples.  So I say, "way to go" Dems…you demonstrated in vivid action what paralyzes all relationships – if you don't agree, you walk out (I also recall that GREAT example of responsible leadership when the same occurred in a broader scale in Wisconsin several months ago where members of their legislature "disappeared").  

OK, so what does that mean for our culture and children?  Massive implications…ok, you don't like what the teacher is saying, walk out.  You don't like what your parents are saying, walk out.  You don't like what your boss is telling you, walk out.  If you don't like what the professor is teaching, head for the door.  NO thought to standing your ground in your own convictions and embracing relationship and responsibility in the midst of that relationship.  You see, everyone knows (check out Scott Peck's writings sometimes) that responsible living happens in the midst of relationship.  A "tunnel of chaos" that is traveled in the midst of disagreement is necessary for anything that might be labeled "real" or "exemplary."  Anything less is what Peck calls, "pseudo relationship."  So, the only conclusion I can come to is that we have pseudo leaders in our countries hallowed halls.  They bicker for egotistic reasons…they walk out of procedures where real disagreements are present like spoiled babies.  As ususal the baby boomer generation shows its true colors…self-absorption and narcissism at the expense of true value and responsibility.  

Ok, maybe I'm a bit overreactionary…but it really disappoints me when I see leaders doing this…people are watching…civics classes are taking note…young leaders are are looking for mentors…so the babies of congress can't handle the heat?   Way to go…

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