Is this right? The extrovert “ideal”

AextrovertAttached is an article about extroverts and introverts.  I haven't read the book that is referenced…actually, it looks very interesting and is definitely on my "must list" for the summer.  But I've read it twice and it still makes me wonder, "is it right?"  Is "church" really about a cult of extroversion?  Frankly, for those of  you who know me, extroversion is my M.O.  It is how I'm wired up…it seems like the longer I operate within my spiritual gift mix and am with a group from which I can gain energy, I can be reved up for days.  Some of my friends tease me about being the "energizer" bunny or, as one pal says, "spit on a skillet."  Even so, there is something in me that asks the questions I believe this article is asking:  is ministry all about extroversion?  Can an introvert feel complete in a fellowship where it seems like the "quiet" people are seen as unfriendly and a group of quiet people are condemned as "cold?"  It's easy for me to be who I am…but if I wasn't an extrovert, would I be as effective of a leader?  Am I dependent upon my personality or the Lord?  Truthfully, as time goes on, I'm "feeling" less of the extrovert that I formally was…I  still thrive on crowds but I'm appreciating quiet time and "down" time more and more these days.  So, why don't you take a peek at the article and give it some thought…was Jesus an extrovert?  Does an effective leader or even a faithful Jesus follower have to be extroverted?  Where is there room and purpose for those who are wired up differently?  Are many people marginalized in the body of Christ because of the extrovert "ideal?"  You tell me… Download Do We Have an Extrovert Ideal_ (RJS)

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