Trying to keep up…

Ahamsterguy~s800x800I ran into this pic and had to laugh but then, upon second look, started to relate to this poor shmo.  Playing the hamster in life…that's the way that most of us feel.  I know, that's how I feel.   I remember reading a great book years ago that still "haunts" me – Tim Hansel's book, When I relax I feel guilty.  It is out of print now…but the title is what got me.  It goes hand in hand with a powerful pamphlet I read when I was a kid about the "tyranny of the urgent."  Wow, I've tried to conquer that overwhelming sense of being on and in a rat race.  And as the old cliche goes, "the only thing you get out of a rat race is that you turn into a rat."  Yep, that's what happens.  No, there are times that it doesn't change much of how others perceive me but the "internal rat" changes how I feel and how I respond to situations that pose themselves in my path on a day to day basis.  When I'm feeling that "rat-ness" inside, I am less patient, more judgmental, more apt to blow by a person instead of engage a person…more driven by my clock than from my heart.  I don't like feeling like a rat…I don't like the "hamster like" existence.  And I know you don't either – so what's it all about?  Well, frankly, it is about self-agrandizement.  In other words, it is about us feeling important, getting attention, and no giving the world the chance to see our humanity because we are posing as gods.  Friends, no one can do everything…and no one can do everything perfectly.  That's really what drives the hamster wheel…it is WE who want the attention, the pats on the back, the comments that lift up notice of our "grand sacrifice" of time through our busy-ness…that's why the first step OFF the hamster wheel and feeling compulsive drives to "keep up" has to be brokenness and confession and brutal honesty.  I know that today when I am trying to keep up and feeling frustrated about it that it is time for me simply to say to God and those around me, "I'm getting off the throne…I don't covet your attention or admiration but I desire God's approval more."  You can have the "peace that passes understanding" when you get off the throne of your own desire for "worship" and allow God to be God.  Instead of always trying to not just predict but manipulate outcomes its best just to "give up and give in" to the fact that we can do our best and leave the results to the Lord.  So, what say you when you look at your own "rat race" life?  Is it time for a de-thronement?  I know it is for me…

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