OK – it may be dopey but it is a great learning tool!

I’m a HUGE veggietales fan.  Phil V and his team have been producing family videos and learning tools that encourage solid and biblically based values for years.  Phil’s story is compelling and his dedication to his art is unwavering.  I respect him immensely and am thankful that the Spirit has enabled him to keep going in the midst of a very difficult media world.  As far as the veggies go, there are still silly songs that first appeared in videos that continue to rattle around in my head most everyday (Cebuuuuuuuuuu, Barbara Manatee).  Anyway, now the “What’s in the Bible” series is approaching its eighth release with the center section of most bibles, the Psalms, Proverbs and other writings.  I’ve purchased everyone…given them to our grandkids…recommended them to people…used clips in children’s ministry AND, most recently, used a few things from the series to “educate” and reinforce some of the learnings that adults within our faith community are experiencing as they make their way through the One Year Bible.  All I can say is “bravo” AND if you have a need for some “quick reinforcement” of what is actually IN the bible and you don’t mind bad puns, ridiculous costumes, animation and popsickle stick humor, take a look and join children in LEARNING what’s in the bible!

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